Pico CTF 2018 – Random Web Exploitation Writeups

I did these one day for a hands on style demo on how to solve introductory CTF problems a few years back and thought I’d post them my CClub flaybies to have a fat gander at.

With these, as well as with my other writeups I often times mention things I tried, but didn’t succeed in, as well as some of the hints I acted upon rather than just following the straight line to the solution.

It’s a style choice to remind you that the answers are not always obvious, and that in most CTF’s you’re going to have to try a few things before you find the right track to get on.

This is a PDF because my old notes are in cherry tree and it was easier and I don’t even feel bad.

Be sure to get real nervous before deciding you don’t care and clicking it anyways.

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